Shamba is a source of geospatial data and analytics that focuses on applications in the environmental and agricultural fields. Its team has a lot of experience working together on initiatives to create distinctive climate-based datasets with NASA-SERVIR, Kenya Medical Research Institute, Dalberg Research, CIAT-CGIAR, and others. In order to enable social impact projects in the blockchain business, Shamba seeks to provide the sector with high-quality climatic datasets gathered by satellites, drones, and numerous other sensors. Based on factors such as expected demand, use cases, regional coverage, and other factors, the Shamba team has categorized its extensive library into priority tiers. As a result, the datasets Shamba will first add to the chain include soil moisture, vegetative indices from various sensors, and weather statistics such as temperature, rainfall, and evapotranspiration.

Shamba’s datasets make it easier to monitor vegetation for uses like crop yield

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