Shamba ReFi

Farmers have a critical role to play in the fight against climate change through regenerative agriculture. We are building a solution to manage ecological credits and create new digital assets for farmers across the globe. Our solution aims to unlock new financing for farming communities by creating digital assets in the form of on-chain ecological credits. We help communities to create these products and facilitate financial providers access to these digital assets as collateral for loans.


No, the Shamba solution has simple web2 UIs and there is no requirement to understand the web3 technology being used in the backend. Everything is presented in a simple and clear format on the Shamba solution’s web2 interfaces.

The assets are created on an open and decentralized blockchain based on a Proof-of-Stake consensus. These blockchain network has many validators and thus the information stored is immutable. The ledger is a public blockchain which ensures transparency and safety of all digital assets created on it

A community can have digital assets created in less than a year after adopting the Shamba ReFi solution. In some cases, this can happen in as short as 6 months depending on the cropping cycle length. These assets can be ready to collateralize immediately they are formed.

The Shamba ReFi solution aims to de-risk lending to farmers by availing a new source of collateral in the form of the on-chain digital assets. Financial service providers can use the solution to reduce the risks their lending portfolio is exposed to. By collateralizing loans using liquid digital assets, lenders can further mitigate the risk of a bad loan

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